So a few weeks ago I ran across a you tube video with one of the biggest loser contestants and a trainer showing this 10 mintue exercise program primarily using an inflatable exercise ball. I thought the moves looked good and they were things I had never tried before. So on Wednesday I added a few of them into my typical routine and though nothing of it, they weren't really easy but the effort felt good and I could do them without landing on my face...groovy, right?

Yesterday I woke up and could barely move. Today I feel like I've been in a hazing ritual where people take turns slugging you in the gut. My lower abdomen is the worst, but my arms and most of my torso also are really sore. Yesterday I did some yoga and cardio, but today I'm doubling up and doing a workout at the gym at work and them going to zumba class. I am going to do the new exercises again, and see if they are better tolerated this time.

I can really tell that my body was starting to get used to inactivity, and I'm glad I caught it before I turned back into a slug. Now I just have to get my hunger under control. If tis doesn't resolve soon I'm going to have to see if maybe something is wrong with me; tapeworm, pregnant, thyroid levels, something isn't normal here.

Jeeves brought me flowers the other day, and I finally found the great pants to go with my Eddie Izzard t-shirt. (Cake or Death?) So I've got a few pictures to share today.

cake or death pic
Cake or Death shirt, my face looks awful because I forgot to wash it before I worked out which made it look like I slept in the crap, I hate makeup.

I just love these big yellow ones, so pretty!

A new shirt and cardigan I bough to go with the pants, can't decide if it's complimentary or kooky, someone give me an opinion.


Ice Queen said...

It's cute and looks like Spring and really works with your colouring. :D

Call me Ishmael said...

Ok, I'm crap at fashion but you look totally adorbs in everything you posted. Now, I'm a total nerd so discount what I say but I love the cardigan/pants combo -- looks so fresh and upbeat! Sounds like you are really hitting the gym hard. Good for you...I should do the same this weekend (sigh) and will give kettleballs a try.

Mrs. D said...

I think it looks great together!! I saw one of those videos of Ada with the ball and tried some of them.. I'm with you- wow!

Anonymous said...

I'm horrible when it comes to fashion, but I think that ensemble looks great together. :) Way to go on that exercise!

LeAnna said...

Care to share the video or what I should type in to find it? :-)

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