Bounce U

Housekeeping: I recieved a request for the link to the video I used to work in new moves in my workout routine. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VCT3SwEDg4&feature=related, let me know if it does not work and I will figured it out.

I went to Bounce U this weekend and had the workout of my life, no lie. They have a bounce house called spider mountain, which is like an army bootcamp type tower of pain.
It's difficult to see at this angle but, there are grids of elastic bands about every 4 feet. you have to climb up and through them and, if you are me, hoist small children up as well because they want to do it but can't work it out on their own. The one we were playing on also had a slide at the top, so once you go tup there, getting dwon was fun too! Today parts of me hurt, that I didn't realize could hurt. IT was so fun though, I had a blast running and playing with my kids. Also I had an NSV this weekend because the bounce houses have a 200 pound weight limit and I could go on every single one of them! Booger was freaked out for the most part, but Pumpkin had a hell of a good time.

Apparently we are going to have snowpocalypse of our own here in the midwest, looking forward to that (note the sarcasm). With the very real possibility of a foot of snow and and inch of ice, I am concerned that our power might go out. We are going to buy some wood for our fireplace, because if the power does go out, we can all sleep in front of it. We'll just drag the mattress into the living room and camp out. Our stove is gas so we'll be able to cook and warm water to wash dishes. Of course this could all be moot, but I like to be prepared. Well I've 14 zillion thing to do today and no time, so I'm gonna get to it. I'll be around and reading blogs tonight after I get home from work.

Update: My tummy is not happy today. Something I ate in the last two days has caused many unfortunate trips to the "euphamism". ick!
I am sticking to fluids for the rest of today, and gulping down water like nobody's business, cause, at this point the last thing I need is blizzard 2011 and a trip the ER for an illness induced dehydration.

Quick Poll: Gym or no gym when sick like this. The flabby red devil on one shoulder (read: whiney crybaby) says, go home, go to bed. The tough chick (the one in the robes and halo) says suck it up, there's a bathroom in the gym and you are a big girl, a really big girl, who needs a workout. Thoughts?


Polar's Mom said...

I say split the decision and work out at home with the comfort of your own bathroom nearby. But be careful, do you feel really hydrated in spite of the ass vomiting? Don't want you passing out or really losing more electrolytes just to work out one day. You can miss a day-I think bad poop=day off pass.

Polar's Mom

als said...

Bounce U sounds like a HUGE ammount of fun!!! I wish we had one in our neck of the woods...

I agree with Polar's mom. That's not something you want to have to worry about when you're not in the comfort of your own home...

Julie said...

Me too, I agree with both ladies. Plus are you sure it was food and not a touch of some yuckiness?
Thanks for stopping by.
I love reading your posts. I see all the work you've done and all that you've achieved. I am impressed and inspired. I love that bouncy tower. That would be so cool.
Have a blessed evening. Take care my friend.

Patrick said...

Bounce U looks so fun!

No Gym when sick. Rest is needed to get well properly, so rest and you'll be back inno time.

Call me Ishmael said...

Oh, Bounce U looks wicked awesome! That's what we used to say back in the day. And what a cool NSV -- good for you! Listen, runny tummy = no gym. I'm with Polar; work out at home. Is it poss the Taco Bell gave you the runs? In any case, hang tough, feel better, and down with self sabotage. As Revolutionary War captain John Paul Jones said, when taunted by the British to surrender, "I have not yet begun to fight!" Yeah Ninja, we are gonna kick some self-sabotage butt!

Amanda said...

Bounce U looks so awesome!! My kids would just go nuts there.

And yeah, I'm with everyone else -- no gym when sick. If you want to work out, do so in the comfort of your own home with your own restroom nearby.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

I have to go with the majority on working out while you're sick. If you really feel the need to, you might want to play it safe and do it at home. I hope your tummy feels better soon. Oh, and that Bounce U looks like SOOO much fun! :)

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