Emma Pillsbury, Eat your heart out.

Allan commented yesterday asking if the book he asked for from the other branch had arrived yet. I examined my wardrobe last night when I got home from the day the fashion died and realized I have a serious sweater addiction. But not in a cool, hip sort of way...no, not like that at all...
So I am going to turn my tendency toward cardigans into something positive and make it a style I can rock, hot librarian style. And this lady is going to help me. I want to live in her basement and collect the bits of fabulous that fall through the cracks in the floor. She is awesome and someday I am going to have that kind of cool style.

In hopes that I can rock this new look, I am going to make this tomorrow.

1 comment:

Erin said...

I definitely want to see your "afters!"

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