Booger's Day Out

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Booger, my youngest.

I feel like such a mommy failure. I had to take my two year old, Booger, to get immunizations yesterday and because we were overdue she had to get 4!!!! two in each arm, her poor little skinny arms are covered in band-aids and I cried the whole time. (I am, in fact, crying right now, thinking about how awful it was for her) I hate having to hold my girl down so someone can hurt her. She held on to me so tight afterwards and I just kept apologizing to her because I felt so mean. It was very stressful.
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(This was not last night, but you get the idea.)

But then she and I went to the store and she got to pick out some cookies for her and her sister to share. She picked oreos and they made a huge mess (crumbs -everywhere-) but she felt much better by the time she was done with her cookies. I see myself subconsciously doing portion control with them. I used to just let them tear into the cookies but last night I gave them each two (a serving) and them put them away. When they asked for more I gave them each a half of a banana and they were just as happy with that. I hope I am teaching them good eating habits, I don't want them to feel like I'm "Crazy Diet Mom" but I also don't want to be to lax and let them develop unhealthy habits.

I couldn't eat all day yesterday partly from being so upset about having to take her to the evil clinic and partly because I'm still feeling bloaty and gross. I had a glass of milk and a bowl of grapes last night, and even that made me feel too full. maybe my stomach shrunk or something. Not sure what the issue is, but I'm feeling kind of blech. Not really nauseous or ill or in pain, just yucky. I'm heading to the gym today, with great music for my half hour on the elliptical. The crunches have started hurting less so I'm going to add another set or two. Maybe the gym will fix the yucky, I hope so.


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

You know it is stressful but something you must do. It only takes once to see a kid severely ill from measles and you won't hesitate the next time she needs shots. Good Mommies do what's hard, not what's easy. :)

Hally Bell said...


Thanks for looking into my blog today. Seems you've got a nice thing going too. Good luck and continued success!

Anonymous said...

Awwww...bless her little heart! Look at that pitiful face! :( That's something I really don't miss. Give her a great big hug from me.

Randy said...

I don't like needles either, so I don't blame her. I was scheduled to have my flu immunizations back in October but I didn't show up because I didn't want a piece of steel jabbed into my arm.. haha! "Sure, two weeks of misery is better than a second of pain".. I'll never learn.

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