Topic of the day: Cold

Point one: Today I am cold, I brought an -extra- sweater with me to work today and I am wearing it. yup two sweaters, plus some super cushy slippers that live under my desk and a lap blanket, cause I'm cold?!?
I used to be a hottie, this time last year I came to work in short sleeves, never wore an actual coat unless it coordinated with my outfit.  I only owned gloves and scarves for when I was playing in the snow. I also weighed 250 pounds. Now, the 195lb me is freezing, all the time, I wear socks to bed for crying out loud. not. cool... well, actually...:0)

Point two: I have a cold, I am sneezing, have a sore throat and feel like the front of my face is going to explode. I hate being sick and trying to get things done. I have a crap ton of, stuff to do today. In addition to a large amount of work, I also need to clean my house and prepare for the party I am having tomorrow. Colds don't tend to hang around long in my body but they hit hard and fast, yesterday I was fine, today I feel like a I have the damn plague.

Point three: Cold water is my new best friend. The fridge in my office building has an ice machine, so frosty -lemon flavored water is going down the hatch at an accelerated rate. I feel less puffy and both of my wedding rings now will fit on the same finger, it's sort of amazing. They are very thick bands so they have never been truly comfortable on the same hand, but at least now I have the option.

Point four: still f*#king cold!

Point five: there is no point five.

Point six: um, well, I've sort of run out of things to say about cold.

P.S. I am trying to up my commenting on other blogs, I had been lacking in this area. I can only comment from home sometimes, and its difficult because of some bizarre formatting nightmare with my computer. I try to spend a while doing it during my lunch break, but I'm sorry if I've neglected anyone. Also if I'm not a follower on your blog, please let me know, I am all about reciprocation.


Allan said...

The colder I get, the thinner I am. The wife's hot flashes are freaking me out, but I am freezing for the first time in a long time..

Amanda said...

Yeah, with the decrease in weight comes an increase in the shivers. My husband is grateful for this because normally I'm the queen of hot flashes, but now? I'm huddled under the blanket with his freezing self.

Cynthia said...

I'm aaaaalllllways cold. I feel your pain.

Randy said...

I think it's so interesting how you're talking about being cold and then your third point is how cold water is your new best friend. Do you sense a cause-and-effect relationship here?? And I think you've been watching a bit too much Monty Python with your point five! Sounds like very dry, British humor to me!

I got over my cold a week or two ago... hope it wasn't the same one I had.. they aren't fun!

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