Not so super lo-cal night

After my post, and leaving the office I met mom at Denny's and we had food, kept under 1700, but did get good food, eggs, potatoes, chorizo, cheese. Worth every calorie I tell ya. Funny enough, I joined Allan's water chugging challenge and the number of calories I allotted myself at the begining of this journey, 1700, is the amount I should be eating according to his calculations.

I did a fly lady thing last night and cleaned my dishes before bed. Again I was surprised by the feeling that washed over me while getting my morning glass of water from a clean sink, it was so nice. I am typically no good at keeping to schedules but I am going to try to make this habit, whats that theory, if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit, I'll have to make a calendar for my fridge.

Had another pants incident yesterday, luckily no one was watching but having your drawers drop when you stand up is slightly disconcerting whether people are around or not. Also having an underoo issue, they are all too big as well, Guess I'm going to have to treat myself at one of the pre-Christmas sales at VS (a total hardship right?) I am a firm believer that pretty undies always make your day a little better.

I am going to weigh in today, I don't think the scale will have moved significantly but, I'll report back if it does.


Roxie said...

How did your weigh in go?

Also, pretty undies are a must. They make the whole day a little brighter.

Brigitte said...

The undies thing totally threw me for a loop. One day they fit and the next most of them are too big! lol

I am glad to hear you are doing well!

The Fat Mom said...

I've been avoiding buying new undies and have no clue why. They sag or roll so much that it really is a waste to even wear them at all.

Randy said...

Yeah some of my boxers are big enough now that two of me could comfortably fit into one pair. All my pants need a belt and I'm accumulating a stash of old clothes that look like potato sacks.

The Gymboss went in today's mail, so Jeeves will have a new toy soon. Hope he likes it!

I was looking down at an old post of yours that mentions "Almost Gastric Bypass"... I was thinking that would almost have been a better name for my diet.. maybe "Almost Lap Band Diet"..ha! Well I'm almost a year into this so it's probably too late to change it!

Hope all is going well!

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