Crunches and Books

I went to the gym yesterday and spent and hour there. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical finishing about 2 miles, and then did a variety of other work-out type things including about 50 crunches using resistance bands. I had not done many crunches during my workouts in the past but felt like it was tummy toning time and felt pretty great when I finished them. I was very surprised when at about 3 this afternoon this awful, sore, presidential fitness test from high school feeling came over me. Now every time I laugh, sneeze, catch a leaping toddler, or get up out of a chair I cringe in pain. I don't like this feeling, so I'm gonna do more crunches tonight, maybe not 50 but if I keep it up eventually it will hurt less, yes? I want to be able to show of my (future) tattoo and (current)navel piercing at the end of this journey so crunches are required.

I may have mentioned in the past that I shop a lot at the local resale shops. The goodwill is great for books as well as clothing. I'm no good at being a responsible library patron so the 70 cent paperbacks at the goodwill are much more my speed. I have been very into what I call the "Pink Books" recently. These are books written by women for women about things like breakups, dead spouses, love, betrayal and being called fat in public. They often are paperback, and have pictures of legs, arms, torso's, hands, never faces and usually something on the cover is pink, hence the name.  The most recent one I picked up is called "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. I'm about a quarter of the way through it and have found a kindred spirit in the main character. She's a writer and lives in the city, and she says things about her self like she was "hit with the fat stick." She witty and hilarious and gives an insight into a person with weight issues that you don't often see in books. The book talks about the emotional reasons for her weight without blaming them for her current situation.  Since I don't yet know how it ends I really can't recommend it yet, but it's had a good start and I feel so connected to this person already.

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Erin said...

I felt the same way about "Good in Bed"... I felt Cannie Shapiro is a fictionalized version of me! I recently read the follow-up called "Certain Girls," and it was really good, too. If you see that at the Goodwill, pick it up!

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