Happy Headache Hangover

Yay for alliteration! However today I am happy because I do have a slight twinge of queasy which is the sure sign that this headache has packed it in. So whoop-de-doo headache gone!

Now I sort of feel drained and groggy. But that's better than the alternative.

I'm wearing some questionable pants today. They are a brand called Bitten and are much more tailored then I am typically used to wearing. Almost every pair of pants I wear has boot cut or at least straight legs, these are tapered. They don't look bad but I feel, weird. I should really hush about the damn pants, yeah, I'll shut up now.

This weeks intended workout extravaganza did not happen because of the demon in my head, so starting tonight if the upset stomach settles, I'm going to start over. Luckily I've been in so much pain I've been unable to eat much, so the damage of no exercise has been minimal. I may not lose this week, but I probably won't gain either.

I need to apologize to Erin, I forgot to send her apron to her and it is now in the mail. Please forgive me.

1 comment:

Erin said...

No need to apologize - you're a busy woman and I totally understand. :)

I'm glad to hear that you are having a better day. Hopefully all this headache/queasiness will be completely gone by the end of the day!

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