Great Pasta.

Tonight Jeeves had a dude-fest at our house, football, wrestling, and more testosterone than I am typically capable of dealing with. But these are good guys, they are nice to me and speak well of my cooking, which makes me love them a lot. I made food and played hostess and a good time was had by all thanks to my Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta. Don't make any mistakes, this is NOT healthy, it's made with bacon, grease, cheese and pasta. I didn't feel bad about having a small bowl of it though, I planned for this decadence and I enjoyed every cheesy lovely bite...

I've kept my calories down every day this week, but my exercise has been lacking. So, with some bone in my back and the knowledge that exercise makes me less stressed an better able to deal with the non-sense I am going to have at work this week, I am renewing my resolve and getting back in to my workout groove.

This week the weather is going to be pretty nice so my plan is be out in the sun enough to keep a smile of my face until friday.   How about all of you, what's your plan for this week?


Lanie Painie said...

I think I just had the big O (no, not Oprah) reading about your pasta.

Randy said...

Cheeseburger pasta.. sounds delicious... bacon, grease, cheese, and pasta really do make for great culinary debauchery!

My plan for the week is to survive the week--no more, no less. School's got me down and problem students are making me frustrated, but what else is new??
Oh yeah, and I get to supervise another football game on Friday night, which, if it's anything like last time, will involve robbing students of their RockStar energy drinks before they have a chance to booze them up. This way they'll have to drink their booze straight... haha

A dude-fest, huh? You won't find many of those at our house. My friends include little more than nerds, internet junkies, and electrical engineers. There's probably about a half-cup of testosterone to share between the lot of us. ;)

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