So I've been moving around in the world with a migraine-ish headache that will not loosen up. Today it migrated to my face and every expression now causes agony. I think it's stress, and today will not get any better. I am wearing sunglasses inside my office, becuase the light makes me want to throw up. I am going to find a stay home sitter tonight. Did you ever do that? Ask someone to come help you watch your kids so you could take a nap? Well, it's not a bad idea. 

In spite of the headache I did manage to get quite a bit done last night. Many of my gifts this year are going to be hand sewn so last night I spent the evening at my kitchen island cutting patterns. I think they lie to you when they say that things are 1 hour projects, cause they don't count the time out spend cutting out the patterns. I hate cutting patterns. Mutti is always so amazed when I make things without using patterns, I try to tell her that it's really just a testament to my laziness, that not using a pattern is just a way for me to cut corners, but she still thinks it's cool.

In spite of my love of the craft I am not crocheting much this year, just a set of golf club covers and two pairs of slippers, and those will be done next weekend. Before I flood you with photos of the yule-tide preparations, is anyone interested in seeing the stuff I'm making? Of course I can't post the blank for my SIL (bet you thought I'd tell) or the blank for Mutti (he,he,he) but I can post a lot of what I do if Y'all want to see it???


The Fat Mom said...

I'd love to see them! Post away!

Erin said...

Yes! I want to see them! (And I really hope you feel better soon!)

Roxie said...

Want to see too!

Hope you are feeling better soon. Have you tried Excedrin Migraine yet? It works well, so I hear.

I have to take vicodin for mine :(

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