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In today's breaking news: The ninja now has hot pink workout pants, and the news of the day is that they are large...large? freaking large!!!! Not XL, Not XXL not 1X...but Large, size 12/14, Large!!! Holy Crap, please see below and be amazed by my awesome neon-ness!
1 024
1 017
Don't Make the Ninja Angry...
1 014
BTW, hot pink pants do help with the rhythm issue I mentioned in an earlier post.

It's Monday, So....
1 175
Torani Sugar Free Caramel Flavored Syrup
This is breakfast more times than not. The sugar free, calorie free syrup adds a great depth of flavor to the health shake, and I put it over ice with a cup of regular coffee. 200 calories and my day starts with a shot of delicious.

Okay Folks, what makes you happy this fine Monday? Either do a post about it or post a comment and tell me what tickles you, makes you smile or helps your Monday go by a little faster.

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Ali said...

Congrats on the size L. Exciting! I love the top you're wearing, one of my favorite colors.

Where did you find the caramel flavoring? I never thought to add something like that, what a great idea!

Sarah said...

Woo Hoo!

Randy said...

Congrats on the size-reduction! Great photos--you look ready to clobber something! I see you're starting to photograph your food, too! ;) It's a precedent that I ended up setting some time during week 6 and have stuck to. And to answer your question about what makes me smile on a Monday, it would have to be 2:27pm, when the last bell at school rings, and the kids go home! ;) Ahhh, peace and quiet!

The Ninja said...

Thank you, thank you, no applause needed, well...okay maybe a little applause wouldn't be bad. Ha!
Ali- I get it at Walmart, but they have it at chain grocery stores too. We have schnucks, dierburgs and ShopnSave in my area and they all carry it.
Sarah- I concur, Woo-hoo indeed.
Randy- Jeeves took the pics and the second one was totally me being goofy. I photo my food to put in on my recipe blog, so the pics are usually a little more staged than what I put on my plate, I have been studying food photography, its cool. One of my aspirations is to get really good at it and produce a cook book.

Aimee said...

Sexy pants, lady! Good job on the size. That's a good idea to add something to the slim-fast; I like those ok but I am stupid for vanilla flavoring in things.

I don't have to work on Mondays, so having the day off is what makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

wooo hooo...what a hottie in pink.

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