Jager Bombs and Birthdays

Last night my oh so thoughtful husband organized a group of my peps to go to the local comedy club and witness the hilarious horror that is open mike night. After the mirth ran dry we hightailed it next door to a blues club where karaoke was in full swing. Ordinarily I spare those around me the discomfort of listening to me sing, but since the jager-bombs were only 3 dollars I had a little liquid courage helping me get up there, well, that and an awesome sister in law helping me harmonize. We sang some Carol King, crooned a little Wynona Judd and got crazy as our brother did some Bon Jovi. Woot!

As a mature person I usually do not allow myself to consume past the point of inebriation but yesterday I had a DD and again, Jager was only 3 dollars.... I cannot remember a time when I drank as much as I did last night. I arrived home in the frosty rain and my loving husband helped my foolish self down some water and a sandwich before tucking me into bed. He's so awesome and I had such a good time!!!

And today, as I stare 27 in the face I feel pretty good. This should be an awesome year. I plan on getting a lot of crafting done and spending a lot of time hanging with my babies, When I was sneaking off to work this morning I stopped to watch them sleeping. They had cuddled up next to one another and were snoozing like little angels, all those blonde curls and cute rosy cheeks!!! I kissed them until they almost woke up before leaving the house and singing at the top of my lungs all the way to work, because in spite of the mass quantities I ingested yesterday I feel like I am on top of the world today!!!

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