The Big D

Hello again,

I realize it has been awhile.

I am troubled and find myself struggling with grief, relief and a great settling sadness.

I'm going to start telling this sorry again.

The story of me getting healthier

The story of me finding my happiness

The story of how hard life is.

I'm separated from my Jeeves, and finding the courage to face the world as a single Momma to my ducklings.


Julie said...

This has been the year for changes. Some good and some just not so good. But through it all I know that you are strong and you are a terrific mama and you can be a single mama to your brood. I am sorry life gave you some lemons but I will be here to listen and maybe suggest here and there on how to turn them into lemonade.
I too have some hard issues to work through along with not just a little weight to get off but a bigger chunk. Maybe we can work on getting healthy together.
I've been thinking about my blog and maybe it's time again. But for now, know that I am here and will love to read what's up and if I can listen, learn and help along the way.

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