Who is this guy?

Jeeves has finally decided to get on the living better through eating better train along with me.

Our children are doomed.


So I am shopping tonight, filling my fridge with frozen veggies, lean proteins, and good carbs and fats. I'm cooking large amounts to have healthy microwavable leftovers. He's asked me not to buy soda and he has agreed to run a 5K with me in October.

no really, he has.

and since it is a Halloween themed run, he is going to wear a costume.

I swear he said he would.

So on October 12th, Jeeves and I are going to dress up like Anna and Kristoff and run a 5K together. We most likely we are going to jog, but still.

I have agreed to do one 5K every month for the next foreseeable future and have harangued one of my best friends into doing it with me. I have done this, not because I hate myself, but because I desire a smaller waist line and a more pleasing silhouette. Knowing that you have paid hard earned money to hoof your butt down the road and get a t-shirt makes you re-consider eating 3 donuts.

Along that same line, we have begun sleep training with both of the boys and soon I will have my bedroom all to myself.

That's right, Doodle is now only fighting with token resistance to bed time and Jammer has started sleeping a least the majority of the night in his pack and play. Until they are both in a good routine I am keeping them separate so they don't wake one another up. This ties in with a healthier lifestyle for me because 75% of my overeating happens when I am too tired to make it through the day and I reach for high sugar, short term energy boosters, like Twizzlers.

I have other things in the works, more to come.

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Julie said...

Sounds perfect. Working together, awesome!!!

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