Heavy Topic: baby weight gain.

In the spirit of being completely honest, I am going to tell you my weight and that only because while I may not always be doing things right, today I am proud of this little win.

I am 25 weeks pregnant and from week 20 til now, I have only gained 1 pound. I went from 210 to 211 in the last 5 weeks and that's pretty great. I've gained a total of 12 pounds this pregnancy and if I stay in the healthy range of 25-30 lbs gained, I will also count that as a win. My blood pressure is good, my labs came back normal and in a few weeks I'll be doing the glucose screening to make sure that Twitch hasn't sent us into gestational diabetes hell. I'm healthy as a 30 year old pregnant chick can be.

If I gain 13-18 more pounds I will be right back where I started in 2010, too big for my own good and not at all happy with life.

But, and it's a big butt (no, i'm not just talking about my own) I will have had two babies in less than 3 years and managed to not have any complications aside from sciatica as a result. I hope to be able to lose the weight again, we will have to see when the time comes. Now is not the time to be thinking about weight loss, i realize that, but it's hovering in the back of my mind and I wish it didn't bug me, but it does.


safire said...

Thank you for sharing!

My mom literally gained about 60 lbs when she was pregnant (she used it as an excuse to eat w/e she wants). I've read articles that it's not really eating for two but more like eating for 1.1? haha

Then again, whatever the pregnant lady wants she gets was our house rules when my mom was pregnant with my baby brother.

Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

You'll make it!

I gained 60 lbs with my first, lost 40 of that, then put on 40 with my second, topping out at right around 200 with both of them.

Sciatica's a bear with pregnancy. Mine has never left all the way after #2, so if you're doing this well with #4, kudos!!! :D

Julie said...

Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today. Hope that all is well.
You are doing awesome with your weight. With Mike I gained 10 lbs and he was 12 lbs but is sure didn't make me skinny. I went from a 34" waist to a 54" waist and still haven't see the 34" in 21 years. Maybe this year.
Take care and have a blessed day!!

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