My littlest munch is 3 months old today. As often happens I'm considering a nickname change, something like Twitch or using Sunshine's old call sign, Booger, I call  him that a lot. Of course I also call him the boy, so maybe I'll start referring to him as the boy one. I've got the older one, the middle one and the boy one. I sort of like that.

Little dude talks all the time, babbling, cooing and goo-ing all over us and we love every minute of it. Amazing that he's been here for a quarter of a year already. It's hard to remember a time when he wasn't one of my kids, and at the same time it seems like the past three months have just flown by.

Provided it doesn't continue to rain I think I might go for a walk with the kiddos later, I think we can all use the movement, especially Sunshine who is having a tragic attack of, well, being 4. I don't remember being four but it must be difficult because she's having an awfully rough time of it. She is always hungry, ALWAYS, but she doesn't want to eat real food she wants junk. She's constantly telling me how tired her legs are and how much they hurt, but it's mysteriously after I've asked her to pick up her toys. She's crying all the time and having completely blown out of proportion reactions to things that shouldn't really give her pause, for instance a meltdown occurred the other day because Pumpkin didn't want to wear a red dress that Sunshine wanted her to wear. 

Like I said, it must be hard to be 4.

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Ana Lyman said...

lol, yeah, being 4 is the pits! And 5 too. It's such hard work to play with toys all day, and omg, pick up toys?! What torture!

Oh yes, we're there too :) Can't we make them be littler and agreeable again??

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