Whew, What a Weekend

Friday after work we went to church for a trivia night. I'm not really "good" at trivia but it's fun to do and we always have yummy food. Plus the church's youth group provided free childcare, score! Anyway the game involved guessing jelly belly flavors and correctly naming cereals as well as one really awful round dealing with sport equipment weights and measures (who gives a crap?) Any way, we won! It was so neat to be the winning team and now we get to be the "reigning champs" for next year.

Then we headed home and after getting ready for bed our little Sunshine girl got very sick. She threw up a few times, ending around 4 am. She never developed a fever and seemed fine the next day, so we thought it was a food thing and that it was over.

Saturday I got up and went to the first of my two maternity photo sessions. This one was just me, and I felt so silly. I always thought it would be so glamorous to have a professional photo shoot, but I kept giggling like a fool. Luckily the photographer was really cool and she tried her best to put me at ease, and she laughed along with me quite a lot. Then I came home and got the munches ready to go to our second outing of the day. A birthday party for a cousin at Chuck E Cheese, which as you can well imagine is a MAD HOUSE on Saturdays. We stayed for a few hours before the noise got to me and we headed home to get ready for the third thing.

Date night (ba-bum-bum) yeah at this point we had asked our sitter to come out and watch the girls not expecting to have been up all night and that Jeeves would be fighting a cold. We went out for food and then to a nearby mall where we had cinnabun and wandered around for a bit, but we were tired so we headed home early and got to bed.

Sunday we got up and went to church and Sunday school then came home to clean house for Jeeves' dude fest complete with WWE wrestling and Hooters Wings, yeah he's a lucky guy. But during the party, Sunshine who had been eating fine and behaving like a normal kid starting throwing up again. What fun. I have trouble handling vomit on a normal (not "ready-to-burst" pregnant) day, this was more than I could handle. I nearly tossed my own cookies and poor Jeeves had to ignore his guests to clean the mess while I bathed the baby, hoping it would help her feel better.

It's been a rough weekend and the schedule I have to maintain this week at work is going to make it an even rougher week. I may not post much this week, but I'll try to keep up and I'll share a few photos as soon as I get them from the photographer. Happy Monday All!


Christie said...

What a weekend is right! Sounds like you ran the gamut! Hope all works out for you this week! :)

Amanda said...

Yeeouch -- hope everyone's feeling better soon!

Julie said...

I hope everyone is feeling better this week. Sick kido's are not fun and to have to clean up, well that's the pits. I hope this week isn't as bad as your figure.
Blessings my friend!!

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