Week 34: Sunshine, Rainbows and Shooting Pains

Week 34 arrives with some potentially terrifying news, not for me or the baby, but for my Sunshine girl. I mentioned before that she had been throwing up at night during the weekend so first thing Monday morning I called her doctor and asked for some advice. The doc asked us to come in because she was concerned about strep, which she had seen a few cases which had presented with no symptoms aside from vomiting. So we got Sunshine dressed and headed to the office.

Once there, we discovered that she had lost 2 pounds since November when she was last seen. On you or me, this would not be such a big deal however Sunshine only weighed 32 pounds to start with and her BMI was something like 14. She has not had any significant diet changes or behavior changes so we left the doctors office with a lab req for 8 different blood tests and terms like celiac disease, hyperthyroidism and failure to thrive spinning through my head.

She was a trooper and after taking her for a cheeseburger at JITB she had 4 vials of blood drawn. . She cried when they drew her blood but she sat still and didn't try to pull away from the lab tech. I tried to be a comforting and strong mommy for her. I kept telling her how good she was doing and that I was proud of her, and then, after we got back in the car I turned on her music and then I cried where she couldn't see it.
Rough times.
We needed a few things from the store so we went to Walmart and I bought her a Strawberry Shortcake movie because she had been such a good girl. She said she was cold so I gave her my sweater and she almost feel asleep in the cart while we were limping through the store, but then as soon as we got home she was fine, asked to have biscuits for dinner and wanted to watch her new movie. We may know something by the end of this week but the beginning of next is more realistic. I'll keep everyone updated.

About 3 months ago, Sunshine started asking to see a rainbow when we say our evening prayers. She always seems to miss them when we see them while out and about. So I started working on a special project for my little girl. I have about 12 rows of red left to do and then a border before her very own rainbow is finished.

Whenever we talk about rainbows, I talk about how the rainbow is a symbol of the covenant between God and his poeple. We talk about Noah and the Ark and the animals, and Sunshine just loves the story. it makes me happy that she will have the blanket and the memory of us talking about this particular bible story to carry with her as she grows up. She will be snuggling with and sleeping under something made with love by her Mommy and symbolizing God's love for his people. I may be just a little too emotional about it, but for me it's profound.

As far as me and the continued squirt production process all goes according to schedule. He's almost 5 pounds this week, about 18 inches long and, if the well placed kicks and jabs are any indication, he's going to a martian with giant elbows (Eddie Izzard Reference) Just kidding. 

I never really did fully get to feeling better after my fall. I called the OB today to ask about the shooting pain in my nether regions and the continued sore, painful, throbbing pain where my legs connect with my torso and it's apparently normal and un-fixable. (wonderful, 5 more weeks of this and I'm gonna lose it) More of that ligament stretching to make way for his emergence.

All of the online literature says that littles born around this time with no other significant health issues are generally fine and only have to be watched slightly more closely. I'm getting antsy for him to be here, I can't wait to see his face and learn his personality.

Oh, here is my rocking chair with the new seat covers. I need to add some straps to the back of the pillow to tie the top cushion in place but it's nearly done and so comfy.


Amanda said...

I'll be praying for you guys -- it's always so scary when our little ones are in the middle of something *hugs*

That rainbow piece is gorgeous :) And good luck with the ligaments. I had that with both boys, and it got to where at the end I had to hold onto something anytime I was walking because the pain could shoot and literally level me if I was walking unaided.

safire said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter being sick. I hope everything works out!

Good luck with everything. xoxo

Jacqui said...

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard the waiting is with the little one's. We've played that waiting game too many times with V.. so I empathize.

I had that pain with V. There's a name for it.. I just can't remember now.. it is so agonizing! I remember crying sometimes just from adjusting in bed at night. Luckily, it goes away pretty quickly after birth.

Sorry I haven't been around much. I miss reading your blog.. I've just not been making the blog rounds much lately. I'm going to keep a closer eye on your blog... to see that new baby. :)

niki said...

i told M about R and he and i said a prayer for her, i hope everything turns out ok. love you guys and the kiddos!!

Julie said...

I love that rainbow for sunshine, such a prefect combination. I hope she's okay and just something simple and treatable. Hope you're healing too, you don't need more discomfort than already have.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

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