And to all a good night...especially me

Here's the rundown.

Friday night: Dinner at Mutti's and opening presents with Felix and his family. Mutti made thanksgiving style dinner and we all chowed epically and then we got down to opening gifts. The munches, and Livvie, each received a home made(Mutti sewn) Raggedy Ann doll for Christmas, and I got the coolest gift ever, a crock pot with a seal and two clamps to make transporting crock pot food super simple and spill free. I'm so excited to use this thing I want to make chili, like right now.

Saturday was craziness. I was up at 6:30, wrapping gifts and preparing for the day. Erin came to get me at 9 and after picking up donuts we had breakfast with the girls and opened secret Santa gifts before Erin and I both had to skip out and head to family things. I raced home, grabbed Jeeves and the munches and we drove to lunch with Jeeves family. We ate more food and opened mountains of gifts before packing it in and heading to my uncle's house and doing Christmas, appetizers and a helluva game of rob your neighbor/pass the trash, with my extended family on Mutti's side.By about 9:30 that night I was so tired that I felt like I might throw up and the munches had started self destructing. We scrapped late service plans and instead went home to get some much needed sleep.  

Sunday, we stayed home. We decided to have a relaxing Christmas day. Jeeves' father and brother came over, I made some easy breakfast foods and we stayed in our pj's all day. Mutti came by later in the evening and we reheated some leftover knishes and mashed potatoes for dinner and watched "How the Grinch stole Christmas" The munches loved it and have asked to watch it at least 47 times since then.

Jeeves gave me possibly the best gift I could have received this year, a snoogle maternity pillow and a set of super soft "Moody Mama" pajamas. Then he let me take a nap, I love that guy. For realz ladies, I have to agree with every review I've read of this pillow, it's worth the price and if you happen to be a side sleeper anyway, there is a very good chance that you will use it for the rest of your life.

Then I stayed home Monday, slept in on my new pillow and worked on finding places in my home for the things that had been brought in. Monday night we visited with my dad's side of the family, minus my dad and ate out at a really awesome Chinese place and got to visit with folks I don't see nearly enough.

It was a lovely weekend and I got to catch up on sleep I had been missing. I'll post the weekly update on the baby tomorrow. He's doing well and we are both loving the new pillow. I hope everyone else had a lovely holiday with no fighting and lots of cookies...well at least lots of cookies.


Amanda said...

Merry Christmas -- naps are awesome :D

Polar's Mom said...

OMG I NEED that mf-ing pillow! Right now I sleep with FOUR pillows, two on each side end to end, and I'm not even pregnant. Oh and I so hope to catch up on my sleep this week, I'm so rundown and still sick...BOOHOO. I must have been bad last year for Santa to bring me sinusitis! Your xmas sounds LOVELY...sooo jealous.

Anonymous said...

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