Week 21: Carrots, Hamburgers, and Good News

This is the point where pregnancy gets really boring, we are just growing. It's like that point when gardening that you have gotten over the thrill of seeing the seedlings thrust out of the dirt and now they are just plants, with no flowers or fruit attached to them. Squirt is just being a plant.

A Carrot to be more precise. This week he is about 10 and a half inches long, about the length of an average carrot, and will be gaining about an ounce and a half this week leaving him at just under a pound. His skin is red and prune-y and he's beginning to develop inner ear balance mechanisms that will be fully formed in the coming weeks allowing him to realize when he is floating upside down (and kicking me in the diaphragm...not that he'll care) He is also now able to dream. Science has discovered the presence of REM when babies of this gestation are sleeping, indicating that they are now capable of dreaming, however since their eyes don't work yet (and it's kinda dark in there) I imagine they are just dreaming happy dreams about full tummies and warm things.

In food craving news: I am thrilled beyond imagining that it is November because places like the local IGA will start having early thanksgiving foods that I can get for lunch. I love turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy. and have been craving it for weeks. Also, I'm stuck in hamburger hell. I want them daily, but not just any hamburger, I want the hamburgers they have at TGIFriday's. Jeeves and I go there occasionally for dinner, pre-movie date, and we always seem to get there right at Happy Hour when drink specials are not on my menu but the 5 dollar burger and fries are calling me like the sirens in the odyssey. I'm considering doing the car side to-go thing for lunch today because I really do want it that bad. 

I found out yesterday that a dear friend of mine is also expecting. She is my co-bridesmaid in the wedding of another friend next June which happens to also be the month she is due. We are going to have to enlist some of the other friends to help with the bachelorette party thing as she will be uber-pregnant and I will be nursing an infant and therefore not really in the party mode required of such events. I'm so excited that she is going to experience the amazing process of making a child.

I often joke and make pregnancy out to be terrible and irritating. The truth is, I'm sarcastic (and grumpy) and lots of women out there love being pregnant. I hope that all of my faithful readers, and anyone else who happens along, realize that by highlighting the few uncomfortable and not so awesome parts of this journey, I am attempting to make you smile. I figure that is way more interesting than being all happy and glowy, which come on, me happy, glowy...ah, no.

Oh! - Forgot to add, I've put in a new page. I revamped the old "baking page" it now houses links to the pregnancy related stuff I've posted thus far. The week by week updates as well as birth stories and assorted hilarity. Click Here: Baking


Carbie Girl said...

lol having no kids (yet) I find the facts you put up pretty amazing... sometimes i'm still on the fence about having kids but I tell people I'll "try" one and see if I like it.. lol

Julie said...

I loved being PG once I realized what it was. I was 12 weeks along before I figured anything out. No one said I was brillant.
I love these updates. Keep them coming.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon!!

Amanda said...

I wasn't a happy pregnant person, but I've gotta say that I love my kids (and not only for good writing material, especially since they've put me on notice about that!). I'm enjoying the snark -- keep it rolling :D

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