Picture This!

I got a call today from a friend at work.

She is starting a photography busniess and asked to borrow my belly. The bump is still rather, well...uninspiring, however when 7 months rolls around I'll be just the right size and shes going to take some photos of me and the munches and she's going to give me a CD of the images that I can make copies of at my local printing place. NO SITTING FEE!!!

This is so exciting, she told me about a few of the poses she wants to do and also, she said the magic words...Black and White.

I love black and white photos, I can't wait for the next 12 weeks to pass, I think I might even splurge on a new hairstyle for this, maybe even a pedicure or something. I'm gonna get all fancied up, you guys might not recognize me. I don't really do fancy.

Anyway here are some of the poses she mentioned.


Sarah G said...

That will be so cool!

Julie said...

I would of given anything to have pictures like that of pre-Mike. That is so awesome. I can't wait for you to share them.

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