Week 12, Second Trimester here I come!

It's so close I can almost taste it. (the way I can almost taste beer; God, I miss beer)

This is the first day of week 12, (Big exhale everyone, Moms out there know what I'm talking about) and depending on which website you use the baby is either the size of a lime, or a Medium sized shrimp.

It is starting to make and excrete urine which is being breathed in during the practice breathing it is doing inside of there. (makes you think a little bit about holding that thing before they clean it off, yuck)

The baby is developing reflexes and if i poked my belly, (or when the munches do WWE moves and land on me) it would squirm.

It's ears are forming and it's eyes have migrated to the front of it's face, and it looks more human now. (also, um, migrating eyes? am I having a baby or a flounder?)

The "experts" say that I should start feeling in influx of good hormones and be less tired, less sick, etc, etc, etc...That remains to be seen. Jeeves still maintains that I'm further along than 12 weeks, which also remains to be seen, we'll get a due date based on the size of the baby when we have our ultrasound in October.

We have decided on some names, so as soon as we know what it is, We'll be calling it by it's name and then soon after it'll have a nickname like Pumpkin and Sunshine.

This week's cartoon hits really close to home, I'm not gonna lie.


Julie said...

I love this. I never really looked into what Mike was like as he grew. Thanks for sharing.
Take care and have a blessed week!

Losing It said...

I wonder if your date was in question, why they wouldn't do a u/s to confirm earlier? Dating based on a 20 week or later is not as accurate due to difference in growth patterns etc.

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