I have been feeling really lethargic and sleepy lately. Do you remember those Sudaphed commercials from a few years back where the cartoon people complained of having "medicine head" That's how I feel; weirdly tired and disconnected from the world around me. I get home from work and it's all I can do to get some cleaning done and spend time with the munches doing something other than watching TV. They deserve better, I spent the whole winter with an acceptable amount of energy and we were on the go a lot, it seems like as soon as the summer hit I just stopped working, I feel kind of broken.

Add to that, the fact that I am struggling with the draw of junk food to help me get a burst of energy. I know that good food gives more energy but when you feel like you are living in an antihistamine haze it's harder to make good decisions.

I am starting to wonder if this wasn't weariness isn't a product of my foot injury, I had been on an upswing when it happened and it sort of derailed me. I feel like, now that I am healed, I need to force myself to get back into my routine, which will be hard.

I took a unisom last night. It was a last ditch effort to get some sleep and to stay asleep for 8 hours. It worked, but today I feel like I've been lobotomized. I'm glad I don't have to do anything technical or difficult this morning at work, cause I'd screw it up royally.

I went to the gym last night, I jogged a mile and then did a Zumba class. I think I may go back to the gym again today, maybe I can trick my body into feeling better if I force myself to work out...I don't want to but I'm gonna.

Oh, some folks asked about the tattoos.
I have a small heart on my back, which is a Celtic knot. I will be turning it into a claddagh and adding some color, as it is now just a black outline. Then I will be putting a henna style floral design on the back of my shoulder, and will have it done in brownish red, so it looks like a henna tattoo but is permanent. I will be putting a lotus flower with 2 small koi fish on my hip, and a few small stars and curly lines behind one of my ears. Eventually I'll do something on one of my ankles or feet, but I don't have anything picked out yet.


Amanda said...

I would say to eat some fruit. Get a burst from some natural sugars.

Still taking your vitamins??

Laura Belle said...

And I think you're right about the exercise. If you can keep it up, it'll give you more energy...I promise!!

safire said...

A lot of things are on my mind when I lack energy
-Enough sleep?
-Enough vitamins?
-Enough sunshine
-Enough exercise
-Enough caffiene?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend getting a reboot!

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