Cookie Pops, Birthdays and The Rock

A friend at work sent me a website link and asked if I could re-create the cookie pops there. I told her I had never tried it but that I would give it a try. This is the link to what she asked for and here is what I came up with.
Pretty Close, eh? After seeing it, I now have several more people interested in purchasing cookies from me. I have found a new way to decorate, it's pretty cool.

We had a party at Burger King on Saturday fro Booger's birthday. Her actual birthday is this Saturday, but they were already booked that day. She had a really good time. Mutti made a birthday cake that looked like a giant slice of Pizza and she made a little slice that said "Happy Birthday" on it. It turned out so cute.

Pumpkin really liked it!!!!

Booger received a remarkable number of gifts and she loved them all. This was from my Brother and Sister in Law, they know Booger loves pushing her babies around in shopping carts!

Jeeves had his dudes over last night for Wrestlemania and I made chili and salsa. I was not strong, but since I hadn't really eaten all day, I bet the calorie damage was not severe. I need to get better about staying on plan when life is crazy. I'd love to say I got my list completed this weekend however the intense busy-ness caused the workouts to be sidelined. *sigh* Oh Well, back on track this week, starting with my two hour workout tonight. Looking forward to a good burn.

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Losing It said...

I love that cake! So cute.

I totally wished I lived closer to you. I'd be buying some decorated cookies for my anniversary later this month.

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