Operation Spare Room: Phase...Derailed

Instead of spending an hour in the spare room I packed up the munches and we went to the gym, I needed to run and they needed 45 minutes of "mommy not yelling" time it turned out better for all of us. The run felt great, I kept up about a 5 mile an hour pace for about 25 minutes. Got my sweat on and then met Mutti at Sam's for some bargain produce and Moo juice.

We also bought the Munches the cutest Easter dresses. I usually make them, but these were just too cute to pass up. Unfortunately I can't show anyone picture before Easter because as soon as they get something new and fancy they want to wear it all the time. In the interest of good egg hunt photos and not wanting to have spent 12.00 a piece for nothing; we will be hanging them up until Easter.

I bought some grapefruit today at the market, and needed to eat one desperately, so I did. I have been craving them for days after catching a whiff of them at the produce stand earlier this week. I had never eaten one and I found that they are amazing Craving?...I haven't "craved" in a while, wonder what that's about...Oh well. (don't read anything into it, That has not happened, yet)

Making a cake tomorrow, another Mud Run donation bake sale thing, it's moving right along, the mud run. and the cake business is too, I've already got another order for Monday morning. So I guee tomorrow I'll bake the cake and then do some organization in the spare room while it cools. Well that's the plan anyway.  


Amanda said...

I love Grapefruit. My husband peels them until they have no white pith and they are like candy! I am the same. Crave them.

It is one of the only fruits that I crave ever!

Good run then. I am still so timid to try running on the treadmill. Afraid I look silly and honestly more worried about my balance. But I'll get there!

Wish we lived closer. I'd love to try PiYo.

Losing It said...

Nice run! Sometimes you just need to do what seems right at the time. obviously, cleaning the room wasn't right then.

Can't wait to see the dresses. (I so need a girl.)

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