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Hello All,

It's been a few days, but trust me, they were wonderful days. I am now back down to 184, and on track after my first day of keeping it under 1200 for one week. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday because, well, crap happened, and I got busy. I'm going today and have plans to go every other day this week.

On Friday night I went to trivia night at my church which was a heck of a good time. There were so many salty snacks that I'm surprised I don't look like that giant dude from the Monty python movie (just a wafer thin mint?) Hehehe, anyhow. We did fairly well, we didn't win but we weren't in last place either, and we laughed, a lot.

On Saturday we finally got together with Jeeves's family for Christmas and thanks to a bottle of blueberry flavored vodka a good time was had by me. I am on a mission to try all of the skittle flavors of Burnett's vodka, it's cheap but it's usually really, really yummy. So that with diet sprite compounded the bloat and meant that my pants were a bit tight.

puffy Nellie

So on Sunday I took an aqua ban and guzzled about three gallons of water (slight exaggeration) and felt fine for the trip to a local micro-brewery where we learned how beer is made and had the coolest tasting. I now have no less than three new favorite beer flavors. We also had dinner at the attached restaurant and I had a huge lo-cal salad so I could eat this fig-toffee-whipped-cream bit of heaven that seriously made me a little light headed it was so good. But I shared with the table and so my share was not enormous.

Yesterday as I said I was back on plan with a slim-latte for breakfast, yogurt and protein bar for lunch, and pizza and salad for dinner. Before you think I'm a liar, I ate an enormous salad and the equivalent of one slice of regular pizza. (it was saint louis style)

In Mommy News: Booger is potty training which, in our house, means she is running around sans pants. We find it works better to teach because they don't have anything on to catch the potty as it comes out and they realize really quickly that it's not fun to pee on yourself. (plus we have wood floors, so it's easy to mop it up). She's doing well and when she has no pants on she doesn't have "mishaps," so we are at least moving in the right direction. Funny thing that they don't always tell you about potty training, some kids (both of mine) don't know how to save up and pee every few hours. Some of them (both of mine) take awhile to develop the skill and attention needed to clamp it off untill a reasonably full bladder calls for a trip to the toilet. We've been doing a lot of flushing at my house. Three drops at time, Booger is going to get potty trained this week.

In Crafting News: I found a pattern for my Easter dress and am looking for the perfect fabric now, plus I'm going to make a puffy crinoline thing to wear underneath. so fun!

In Dinner News: Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner. Pancakes and sausage for the munches, whole wheat English muffin and egg beaters for me. I hope everyone has a great day,

Ninja Out.


Jacqui said...

glad to hear potty training is going well. We are almost to that point as well. Way to go on getting back on track!

Amanda said...

great idea! I was thinking of what to make for dinner!! Gonna steal it.

Good luck with the potty training! You mothers are tough cookies!

RickGetsFit.ca said...

Congrats on getting back down to 184, you're doing well! Cheers, Rick

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the potty-training days. I remember them well. Glad she's doing so good and I hope it continues. :) Congrats on seeing 184 again! That's terrific!

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