I woke up this morning feeling, well....off. My head hurts a lot and I'm dizzy, two things which do not make sitting through a three hour training easier. During the training I rocked back and forth and massaged my temples(looking a bit like a lunatic I'm sure) in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

Worried that I was simply hungry, I had a protein bar and small bag of pretzels. This did not help and when I got back to my office I was getting ready to take my extra huge salad up to my desk to eat lunch and shazam I was on my ass. I got woozy and collapsed spilling the better part of a diet Dr. Pepper all over my brand new size 12 pants. (don't get too excited, they are stretchy.) My co-worker saw me, which was mortifying and she was trying to help but I just grabbed my stuff and hurried up the stairs. I have been coughing so long that my tongue hurts from pressing against the back of my teeth when I cough and I pondered wearing an adult diaper today because, well, I've had two kids and sometimes the control just isn't what it used to be.

I have been sitting at my desk wondering if I should go home, but concerned that if I fall over while standing up, what might happen while I'm driving??? "Just have Jeeves come get you," you might suggest, however in an attempt to spend less we are currently a one car family and I have the car. -great-

Yeah, I bought some size twelves last night, I intended for them to be goal pants but they fit when I got them home. They are stretchy but not uncomfortable, this could be a good sign. still 186 this morning so it's not a fluke. I feel like being 180 by the end of the month might be possible, we'll see.

I'f I feel better tonight, adventures in Stir Fry part two is planned, so I can post my new recipe.


als said...

GO HOME!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! PLEASE!!! It REALLY sounds like you should be in bed, if not at a Doctor's office!!

Maybe have some more protein if you can before leaving, but consider -- are you really being that effective while sick at work? And I'm sure your co-workers are worried about you, too!

*hug while wearing a mask* ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it sounds like you should find a way home. Hope you feel better soon. CONGRATULATIONS on the Size 12 pants, that is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. You should definitely try and find a way home. Could someone drive you home in your car, and have someone else pick them up and bring them back to work? I'm worried about you. *BIG HUGS*

Amanda said...

Good Lord woman, be careful. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Let us know that you have made it home!

PS. I have LOADS of recipes. Anytime you feel stuck let me know! I have a great one for thai pitas that kids really like!

Hally Bell said...

GO HOME. lol. I'm sure you're co-workers just roll their eyes and thank you tons every time you cough all over the place. LOL, so just kidding. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself, getting sick is something people don't take seriously enough.

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