Who you calling easy?

Tom came for a visit this week,(joy) and brought with her a wicked craving for chocolate. Thus far I have been able to resist the urge to gnaw my way through a box of truffles, but it's been close a time or two. In the spirit of changing my habits and way of eating my response to a craving has been to get busy and do something. When I finish a task, cleaning, gift, whatever: I re-evaluate and if I still want something sweet I indulge in a small protein bar. (larabar makes great minis and at about 80 calories the price is right) At least then I'm getting good stuff too.

In related news: my closet is clean, I have no dishes in my sink and I am very close to finishing all my Christmas gifts.  I've kept the calories low every day this week and with my workouts, my deficit has been pretty high. Amazing considering this time last year I ate cookies as a meal a few times.

Speaking of which, I've been doing some evaluating of my habits prior to making this change. I didn't gain fast, I gained steady, about 2 pounds a month for 2 years. I did eat a lot of junk, but I'm not a binge-er. When I cut out regular soda, candy, cookies and chips from my everyday diet, what I eat now doesn't look all that different portion wise to what I was eating before, granted I make better choices now, but the amounts are very similar(probably the reason I don't feel all that deprived) I now know calories basically off the top of my head, the math I do while eating looks a lot like what the real totals are at the end of my day. I don't have trigger foods, I don't have issues with self control, I even like healthy foods.

My only excuse for becoming fat is distraction. I didn't pay attention. I'm not going to lie and say that there was no stress in my life, but basically I'm a laid back chick, I take the path of least resistance.  I believe I let my habits get bad because it was easy. I have a full time job, and it was easier to grab 2 packs of ramen noodles for lunch everyday(800 calories in that meal by the way) I wanted to spend time with my kids when I got home and it was easier to eat peanut butter and jelly and chips for dinner every night. I enjoy candy and beer and it was easier to just consume until it was gone than figure out what a serving was and how it fit into my day. I've started to think now about the things that have become easier since I've lost weight.

It's easier to walk up stairs
It's easier to feel pretty
It's easier to walk down the street alone
It's easier to wake up in the morning
It's easier to meet people's eyes
It's easier to climb in the back seat
It's easier to run and play with my babies

That's the path of least resistance, make living easier.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! "I believe I let my habits get bad because it was easy" - YES, this exactly! That was me too. It was just "easier" to eat horribly than healthfully, and so the weight just kept piling on. I'm SO PROUD of you and how far you've come! You're just awesome. Have I told you that lately? :)

The Ninja said...

Thank you Stephanie. I am trying to keep it up, some days are harder than others.

Randy said...

It is easy to let things get out of hand.. what was I thinking back in those days when I was hungry, so I would order and eat an entire 12" pizza by myself? I don't think it was because I was taking the path of least resistance, but instead because I wanted to eat FAST and in doing so, I didn't have time to realize I had enough food.. for that reason I had problems with weight my entire life. I'm glad we're both finding solutions that work for us. Happy holidays!

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