and the holiday insanity is officially over.

I am going to admit two things today.

1.) I over ate this weekend, I think Allan might be the only one who didn't. But that is sort of not important.  My holiday was lovely. I saw people I don't get to see often, made up with people that I've been feuding with, and spent almost the entire day on Saturday in my pajamas. We didn't go out and visit people on Christmas Day, we let the munches stay home and play. My In-laws came over for breakfast and then Mutti cam eand had dinner with us. I made our favorites, with a healthier twist for me, and I didn't feel sick or guilty once. I think that means I've made it through the holiday successfully.

2.) I have already worked out my list of gifts to begin making for next year, each year I intend on having gifts finished and ready to go well before the week of Christmas. Yet, every year I end up sewing until the wee hours of the morning and wrapping gifts as we are running out the door. Well, not next year, no sir. In fact I am going to make that my resolution. I am going to be done making Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving next year. There, I have made my first New Years Resolution ever.

Many of my family members commented on the change in my figure since last year. I was pleased, it felt good to have people notice. They all asked me what diet I was on. I couldn't help but laugh, I answered one Aunt by saying that I was on the ELCSYA diet, she seemed confused so I elaborated, Eat Less Crap and Shrink Your Ass. That got a huge laugh. I'm not on a diet, I have changed the way I live.

Ha! last night one of my cousins told me I was shrinking into nothing (this was after the chocolate peanut butter ice cream pie slice that I savored with glee), then he yelled at me to eat something as I got in my car; thanks, Adam :0)

My weight this morning 188 - again, but hey, that's better than what, 240-ish last year.I have photos, but since I'm typically the photographer, I have no good one's of me. I wish I had known I was going to be doing this, I would have made Jeeves take better photos last year and then gotten some better one's this year. Anyway, here's me on Christmas Eve, not a great pic, but I was excited to see how thin my arm looked.

And then just some random cute - courtesy of the munches.

Here's them playing on saturday

Inside of this!

Here's Pumpkin and Booger with Mutti

We call this the "Booger Dance"


Randy said...

Crazy cute... both you and the munches. Thanks for sharing the pics! We're off to a good start over here after the holidays... cleaning up the Liam-caused tornado that ravaged our house when he found his way into a box of packing peanuts... never can understand why kids have more fun with the boxes than they do with the toys inside them...

Feeling much better today, and I actually ate more than just rice.. It sounds like we both lost the same amount of weight over the last year, huh?... you mentioned 240 (239 for me) and you are currently at 188? I weighed in this morning at 186, which at least 2 pounds of that is courtesy of the stomach bug that Santa left in my stocking.. haha

Holidays aren't over yet for us though.. gotta start re-gifting those boxes of See's candy people are trying to ply us with... I swear it's some sort of conspiracy that the entire world is trying to make us eat crap!

Best wishes for 2011!
Oh my Lord the word verification d'jour is "moist."

Anonymous said...

Awwwww ... love the pictures. You look fabulous! :) Isn't it an amazing feeling when people notice your hard work? I'm very, very proud of you! *Hugs*

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