Awwww, Come On?

Really, really...yesterday I weighed in at 188, rocking right? then this morning I'm back to 191, what the frack!!! I didn't sit in front of the TV downing Doritos or anything so what the hell is going on here???
I sort of want to go get an egg nog milkshake and just say screw the diet this week...

Did I fool you? yeah me neither, I am up again this morning, pretty sure its all water (cause my food was sodium city yesterday) and I'm going to flush it in the next few days. I am going ahead with a second week of 1200 calories, and have very ambitious gym plans this week. Work is kind of dead for the next two weeks so I am going to hit the gym hard, everyday if possible. Holidays wear me out I need the energy rush from a good run and I need the happy hormones that workouts give me.  In light of my less than frantic week I have decided to up my elliptical time from a 30 minute workout to 45 and add a few more sets to my weight training routine.

I am behind on gifts, I had a wonky week last week and got almost no presents done. But I have re-prioritized and have been granted an extension on a few families because of traveling. I still have a few things to do for Jeeves and the munches, and a particularly time consuming gift for mutti to put final touches on, but I think I will make it. I have made a puppet show for my girls, it's a curtain that hangs in a doorway to make the stage and puppets go in little pockets along the back of the curtain. I really can't talk about the stuff for Mutti or Jeeves, cause they both glance at the blog every once in while.

Alright, I'm off the flush out some sodium and water, I've got about 30 ounces in already, it's going well today with calories too, I brought a Mojo bar for breakfast and carrots with yogurt dip for lunch, I will have another protein bar pre-workout and I have some grapes for afterward. Then I'm making tilapia and green beans for dinner tonight. If all goes according to plan, Meals will be less than a thousand calories for the day, then I'll have some air popped popcorn tossed with a small amount of olive oil and Mrs. Dash for a snack tonight with the munches, they love the stuff. Looks like a good start to the week.

Keep breathing folks the holidays will be over very soon.

P.S. I just got my blood test results back and my thyroid levels are completely normal, I have been symptom free for over three years now! That's pretty amazing.

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Randy said...

Hey there, happy holidays! Tonight I went downstairs to "cheat" on my diet with some delicious red velvet cheesecake (as you can see in yesterday's blog photo), but it was already gone. So one of the silver linings on that dark cloud of Christmas food includes the possibility that some of my family members like sweets more than I do, and might get rid of it before I indulge! I have to admit, it was probably the best cheesecake I've had in my life.

I just can't match your ambition--I still refuse to exercise until the new year. Only one New Year's resolution at a time, and I haven't finished this year's yet!

Weight ups and downs are normal, especially around this time of year, so fear not. Once everybody takes their tree and lights down, things will get back to normal... at least till February 14th. *sigh*

Hope all is well!

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