Happy Monday all.

You will be happy to hear that I resisted all but one piece of halloween candy! I found that even though I had calories left in my day, I didn't even really want it...It was sort of amazing.

I ended up only getting one really awful photo of my Robin costume, So I'll get pictures again, ones that don't stink. I am going to post a few of the photos from trick'or'treating, but they really good ones are on mom's camera so I'll get those up later this week.

Pumpkin and Booger (holding hands, zomg so cute!)
1 252

Me And Booger
1 247

Jeeves and Booger
1 245

1 238

I know Mom got some good ones inside, and one of the whole dino family. I am already thinking about what we are goin to be next year. I think we will be either the cast of Alice in Wonderland, or Bugs.

Since it's Monday, I'm gonna tell you something good.
I don't want to eat halloween candy, I don't crave it, desire it or even think I could eat more than one peice if it was offered, Hot Damn!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great halloween! What fantastic costumes :) Cute. and well done on resisting candy! Not always easy to do.

The Fat Mom said...

Did someone make those costumes? CUTE!

Roxie said...

Cute costumes!!

I want to do a themed family costume next year too.

Amanda said...

The costumes are great!

I kept myself to one snack-sized Snickers last night. I've gotta admit that I'm not to the point where I'm not craving more LOL Kudos to you :)

The Ninja said...

Thanks Y'all

I made those costumes so fast, it was mostly done with felt and glue on premade sweat suits. I love making costumes. It makes the holiday that much more cool for me and the munches.

I have also thought about doing duck costumes next year, it would be so easy, big white sweatshirts, orange leggings and duck feet, and foam hats that look like duck heads.

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