Early Christmas

Jeeves gave me my big gift early this year. He bought me a new camera on black Friday and we both wanted some really great photos of Christmas this year so I got to open it early!!!

He's so awesome...*sigh*

It's a Kodak easy share 575, and it's so pretty. I got some "hold me over" tennis shoes at wally world. They were only 12 bucks so when I go to the Reebok store for my new running shoes I will not be breaking my bank.

I did a workout on a new elliptical and it was a home version rather than the gym version I am used to. The machine belongs to an aunt and has a very nice feature that allows you to plug your tunes into the machine and it plays on speakers rather than ear buds. It was alright, but the gym version is a whole lot more forgiving, I was afraid this one was going to fall over when I really got to running. Plus it did not have an adjustable incline, which is a real butt buster, and is my favorite feature of the gym version.

Last week we took our tank SUV to have the brakes checked because it been jerking when braking from highway speeds. The guys at the shop were going to charge us 800 plus dollars because they said we needed to replace all the brakes and rotors. Needless to say Jeeves and don't have 800 just lying around so we called an uncle and asked for a favor/early Christmas gift. We brought the truck to his house and he took the first brake apart and there was nothing wrong with it, we can drive another year or two on the pads and the rotors are fine. We are going to have aster cylinder checked now because it is the next logical step. But it just made me so mad, why were those jerks at the shop going to replace perfectly good parts and charge us that much money? How do they sleep at night?

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about mechanics. I had to get the heater fixed in my Taurus a couple of weeks ago, and one estimate we got was well over $600, while the other mechanic we went with only charged us a little over $100. Unreal!

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